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Pool schedule and hours

Regular Season begins Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor Day.

Hours during regular season

  • Monday 10-8
  • Tuesday CLOSED for cleaning and swim meets
  • Wednesday 10-8
  • Thursday 10-8
  • Friday 10-8
  • Saturday 10-8
  • Sunday 1-6
  • Holidays (Memorial day, Forth of July, and Labor Day) 10-3

Guest Fees

  • “All guests are $5 per guest and must be accompanied by a current member.”

Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons- learning to swim safely and comfortably on one’s own

Stroke Clinic- Helping swimmers improve on swim strokes and teaching the four main strokes.

Time and Cost- 8 thirty-minute lessons- 4 days a week for 2 weeks (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).

Private: Members- $125 each, Non-members- $155 each Group: Members- $105 each, Non-members- $130 each

Children registered for swim lessons receive a free ice cream card they may use after lessons are complete.

*** PLEASE*** Turn in all payments before the first class! Cash, Checks, and Venmo are available.

All checks are written to Woodland Swim Club

Venmo (please add 2% to your total to cover transaction fees) and use the following link: Click Here

Policies and Rules

The key to the WSC rules for both members and WSC personnel is to exercise good judgment and to be considerate and respectful of others. Member suggestions and concerns are always welcome.


  1. Children of all age, who are unable to pass basic requirements of water safety must be accompanied by a responsible adult member or guest at all times.
  2. Only members and their guests are entitled to use the club facilities. The member's dues, including any late fees, must be paid in full or privileges are suspended. Dues are delinquent after April 1, and incremental late fees are assessed beginning April 15.
  3. No pets allowed.
  4. All automobiles must be parked in the designated parking areas.
  5. All wastepaper and trash shall be placed in the receptacles provided. Members are to pick up their trash.
  6. Children under 12 are not allowed on upper deck. No one under 21 is allowed on the upper deck during Adult Hours, which begin at 5:30 p.m. until closing.
  7. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the club premises; Alcoholic beverages are allowed on the upper deck during Adult hours, which are from 5:30 p.m. until closing with a designated driver.
  8. Members are responsible for the conduct of themselves, the members of their household and their guests. Members are personally liable for any property damage caused by themselves, members of their household or their guests.
  9. Any person behaving in an unreasonable fashion or failing or refusing to adhere to the rules and regulations after being requested to do so, may be summarily expelled from the club grounds by the pool personnel. Such person shall be subjected to possible suspension of privileges by the President or expulsion from membership by the Board.
  10. The use of the pool is for the personal recreation of the members and their guests. There is to be no conducting of non-Woodland Swim Club sanctioned activities on the premises. This includes swimming lessons, day care activities.


  1. The pools may not be used by any person who has a communicable disease, open sores, or other conditions or ailment considered dangerous to the health and safety of others using the pools.  Use good judgment.
  2. Children in diapers and those who are not toilet trained must wear a snug fitting "swim diaper" which is endorsed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). *This is a rubber bottom with elastic around the leg openings. It goes over the little swimmer.
  3. NO GLASS. Except eye spectacles allowed in pool area.
  4. Food and refreshments may not be consumed in the immediate pool area.
  5. No boisterous, dangerous, or rough play is allowed in the pool area.
  6. No objects deemed by pool personnel to be objectionable or dangerous are permitted in the pool area. To prevent injuries to our members and to safeguard our filtering system, items that are small, hard, or dangerous are not allowed.
  7. Disposable diapers, band-aids, bandages, rubber bands and hair ties, etc. are not allowed in either pool because of their potential to damage the pool's filtering and circulation system. Excessive suntan lotion, etc. needs to be rinsed off before entering the pools because this clouds the water, making it more difficult for the lifeguards to look out for the members.
  8. Only one person is permitted on the diving board at any one time.
  9. Running on diving board is prohibited and only one bounce per dive is allowed.
  10. No running allowed on pool property. (Bathrooms, decks, & stairs etc.)
  11. After lightning, you must wait 30 minutes before entering the pools. This is at the sole judgment of the lifeguards on duty.
  12. There is to be NO standing near or talking to the lifeguards on the stand.
  13. No rock throwing on the premises will be tolerated. This presents a physical danger to all people and to their property.
  14. There is to be NO slam dunking or touching the rim of the basketball goal.
  15. Do not stand or dive off ladders.  Do not hang on ladders.


  1. The wading pool is restricted to children five (5) years of age or younger.
  2. When toddlers are involved, we expect good judgment from the parents of the older children for the consideration of the younger child.
  3. The wading pool is not guarded. Children are the complete responsibility of their parents, guardian or the person registering them. NO child shall be left unattended in the wading pool area.


  1. Every person MUST be registered at the desk upon entering the grounds.
    • The membership number and the name of the member or other person in the member's household using the pool must be given.
    • Children less than ten (10) years of age must be registered and accompanied by a responsible person. (Management's discretion) who is at least 14 years of age and entitled to use the club facilities. This person will be responsible for the child's safety and behavior.
    • Members must provide the names of all guests, sign the guest register, and pay all applicable fees upon registration.
    • Guests must be registered by a member or by a person in the member's household ten (10) years of age or older (see General Rule #1).
    • Request for restrictions or exceptions to registration rules must be submitted in writing by the member to the President.
  2. A guest fee of $5.00 per guest applies for all guests at all times, except for occasion specifically exempted by the Board.
  3. The number of guests shall not exceed four (4), except with the prior approval of the Management.
  4. Any planned get-together involving the use of guest fees or passes by multiple members is not allowed due to safety concerns for our members. This determination is solely at the judgment of the Management or the head lifeguard on duty. With proper planning, exception can be made by the Management and certain daytime parties may be allowed under Special Party Rules.


  1. For information on parties, contact the Party Chairman. Special rules apply for parties.
  2. For information on swim lessons contact the office at 479-3287. Woodland Swim Club will accommodate all members seeking swim lessons throughout the summer.
  3. For information on Swim Team or its activities, contact the office.


  1. The pool is open for all members and their guests from the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day or as determined by the Board.
    • Due to availability of lifeguards, the pool often operates a limited afternoon schedule at the beginning and the end of the season.
    • The pool will close early on some evenings, which will be posted, for the purpose of having special events for younger members.
  2. The normal pool hours are:
    • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    • Sunday from l:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    • The pool is CLOSED EVERY TUESDAY
    • Lifeguards will blow the whistle fifteen (15) minutes before closing to allow for gathering of personal items, showering, etc. to close promptly on time.



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