Woodland Swim Club: Parties during Pool Hours

Woodland Swim Club allows its members (age eight and under) to hold private parties during regular pool hours. Please abide by all rules of common sense and courtesy.

  • The party can be booked by an adult member of the club who must be present during the party
  • Other club members and their guest have access to the pool facilities. Private parties during pool hours (and the member's ability to enjoy the pool) must be respected by all guests attending the private party
  • One lifeguard will be present for the exclusive use of the member's party and will have the authority to enforce all Woodland Swim Club rules.
  • All rules of Woodland Swim Club apply to parties given during pool hours.
  • All lifeguard fees are Twelve dollars an hour ($12.00). Tipping the lifeguard is allowed and appreciated by them.
  • Each party guest must not arrive before party time and sign in before entering the pool area.
  • Party guests must not exceed 25 people (this includes a party host and their family) regardless of whether they swim or not.
  • All parties during pool hours must be approved by the Party Chairman with a submitted application and the party fee.
  • The cost is $70 plus $5 per person (non-pool member only). (30 minute set up time, 2 hour party time, 30 minute clean up time)
  • The cost of an extended party $100 plus $5.00 per person (non-pool members only). (30 minute set up time, 3 hour party time, 30 minute clean up time)
  • No guest passes are allowed for parties.
  • Private parties are allowed from 30 minutes after opening and must end no later than 30 minutes prior to closing.
  • The private party is allowed two picnic tables and one grill
  • All party guests must re-register at the front desk after the party is over if they stay at the pool. They must pay the $4 visitor fee.
  • Deposit refunds are given for rain outs or cancellation communicated to WSC within 7 days of scheduled party. $70.00 Deposit for 2 hour swimming party, $100.00 Deposit for 3 hour swimming party

NOTE: After the party is over non-member party guest must abide by the Woodland Swim Club rules: Members and Guest registration.

Item2: A guest fee of $4 per guest for all guests at all times, except occasions specifically excepted by the board.

Item3: The number of guests shall not exceed (5), except with prior approval of the Manager or President.

Item4: Any planned get together involving the use of guest fees or passes by multiple members is not allowed due to safety concerns for our members.

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